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Top Professionals share best practices, systems, and strategies to help each other grow.

The What

A private, invite-only exclusive club of “hand-picked” top-of-their field professionals in different niches. One MasterMind per niche totalling only 10-20 members. We’re favoring “quality over quantity” members that will contribute and complement each other. This is the first of its kind formal group of professionals coming together to mutually contribute to take their business to another level.
One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people is the MasterMind Group. Napoleon Hill first talked about Mastermind Groups in his classic book Think and Grow Rich in 1925. -Andrew Carnegie
Master Mind Movers Team

The Who

The When

Our meetings would be semi-formal. Meaning we have outline so we don’t get carried away but are open to exceptions.
10 Min: share wins from previous week
20 min: hotseat. One person at a time shares a problem, solution, idea, concept and be brutally honest about it.
20 min: each person in the round robin talks about goals they want to achieve by the next mastermind.

On occasion we would have complimentary special guests that would be key to our success in some way. Examples could be vendors, professionals (attorney, cpa, etc etc) Occasional “deep dives” on case studies and opportunities someone has worked on so we can really learn from them.

The Team

Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future..

Henry Ford

Andrew Carnegie

Thomas Edison

Benjamin Franklin


Bill Gates

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