It’s been known that teachers gain just as much as students when there is a good classroom. By teaching you learn, and you realize what’s working. Secondly, we aren’t expecting you to share all your trade secrets. It’s understood everyone will keep some things back. Just share some ideas, concepts, solutions, challenges, etc that will help the group. Together we are stronger.
We are always welcoming new brothers & sisters so long as they meet our criteria and pass our interview and qualification process. We need to be fair to the other brothers & sisters. Their time is valuable and they’ve chosen this group for the integrity of what it stands for–the best of the best.
There is currently no fee to join but in subsequent years, by vote we will mutually decide if it is beneficial to have a nominal fee.
We want to limit the size to under 25. Most likely it will be about 10-15 initially of which we expect some people are unavailable or travelling during meetings, so we expect to have between 7-15 brothers & sisters per meeting.
Why not? Would you want your competition to have this strong competitive advantage while you miss out?

We are planning to meet once a month.

Well the benefits to
join are countless, you can check out our site for more info, but we are only pre-selecting
individuals that have a shared mindset to help others in the group. Those that we find that
will not adhere to this mindset will be asked to leave.

We don’t want to turn this group into a propertyfinder, so at this time we aren’t allowing pitching current opportunities to the entire group, but if you’d like to do it one-on-one with individual brothers & sisters you are welcome.
Believe it or not some of the most successful entrepreneurs often learn from some of the most unexpected areas: teaching and from people less successful than themselves. An example of this are real estate gurus that teach new students. By the sheer volume of students they often pickup golden nuggets all the time from new students.
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